The Mini-Split Heat Pump!

The latest addition to our Tiny Floating Home experiment. Lower unit is in the boat well, to reduce exposure to the elements and provide for easy access for maintenance. Upper unit is smack in the middle of the living space, expensive and tricky to install, but… reeeealllly nice.

The drier air has caused me some bloody noses and dry skin, the cat loves it, Bara paid for it. We are happy!

DIY Solar Array At The Lily Pad

Charge controller and 24V 225AH battery bank below.

Sucking down 25+ volts from 4 x 100-watt panels on our roof.

Discount! For you in the link above, and a little money for me to continue the project!

Oh the possibilities!

Had our first real world test of the system today.. power went out at 3:35AM.. slightly confused at first.. garage lights were on.. the whole rest of our neighborhood blacked out.. eerie.

Still no power at 11:06 AM.. don’t expect it to be fixed before 4:30 PM. 08/06/2022.

08/08/2022 power was put back by 13:30 hrs.

Thank you Linesmen and Lineswomen!